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Homeostasis and metabolism of anti/folates in eukaryotic cells
Three-dimensional modeling of a mutation in the hydrophobic core of hFPGS
Incubation of lung cancer cells in Chloroquine increases lysosomes' volume and number
Breast cancer cells exhibit outer-cell vesicles coated with the exporter ABCG2


Yehuda G. Assaraf

Prof. Yehuda G. Assaraf, Head of the Fred Wyszkowski Cancer Research Laboratory

Dean of the Faculty of Biology Since 2012.

Postdoctoral Research, 1986-1990, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, California.
Mentor: Prof. Robert T. Schimke.
Ph.D., 1987, Departments of Molecular Biology and Parasitology, Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem.
Mentors: Profs. Uriel Bachrach and Dan T. Spira.